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LegiCrawler Analytics and Legislative Tracking alerts you to bills that impact your company, your issues and your world.

LegiCrawler tracks state and federal legislation and regulations in the US and Canada using social networking applications and data analytics to bring businesses and associations the most robust government relations solutions available.

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Issues Concierge

With Issues Concierge, subscribers no longer have to weed through long lists of bills, 80% of which have nothing to do with the issues in which they are actually interested. How does it work? Each customer’s issues profile is unique. Every day LegiCrawler searches its database of new state and federal legislation for that customer’s keywords.

Hot Bills

A popular API available only to subscribers is the Bill Viabiity, or “Hot Bills” bubble chart. This one-of-a-kind tool is a new way to keep on top of “hot” legislation. Now every list you follow can be turned instantly into a heat-coded bubble map where the most active bills rise to the top.

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Predictive Analytics

When bills are introduced they receive a zero viability ranking. Then, as LegiCrawler’s proprietary metrics are applied and as the bill moves through the legislative process, the bill’s ranking will increase from zero to as high as nine when the bill is passed by the legislature.

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Infrastructure of Democracy

LegiCrawler users can now watch, comment on and share video of committee hearings and floor votes and comment on whether they support or oppose the measure at issue.

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LegiCrawler’s impact on real people

Karen Ryan

Senior Director, Government and Community Affairs, Convergys

LegiCrawler is a valued partner for our company. The team is responsive to customer needs and goes the extra mile to ensure the issues important to our company are a priority. The alerts we receive are relevant and comprehensive. Their growing analytics feature has added a level of sophistication to their work that we use to inform and educate our internal business partners on a regular basis.

Karen Worstell

Founder, W Risk Group and former CISO, Microsoft Corporation

LegiCrawler's tailored services provide an invaluable resource for quickly tracking important legislation that impacts corporations for whom compliance with data protection and data privacy statutes and regulations are essential. The time saved by getting LegiCrawler updates easily justifies the subscription. I cannot imagine a national or multi-national corporation effectively managing their legislative/governmental affairs without it.

David Baker

Executive Director and General Counsel, Plastic Shipping Container Institute

I am the Executive Director of a small plastics trade association that closely follows state bills. We tried many other services before we found LegiCrawler. There is no comparison between the dedicated services of LegiCrawler, with your own home page and period updates on state bills that may be of interest to you, and other state database services. LegiCrawler trumps them all!

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